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IVDT – PwC Report on IVD M&A activity – March 2012

“The PwC report hints at the improving state of the IVD industry,” said Manfred Scholz, PhD, MBA, president, Scholz Consulting Partners (Medford, MA). “While some of the M&A activity was encouraged by favorable valuations in the recent recession, the key drivers are structural changes in the IVD industry. The key themes are and continue to be content and utility.” Scholz noted that content is important and reflected in acquisitions such as Ipsogen and Caris. Ipsogen provided a set of new assays to Qiagen, and Caris anchored patient stratification for Miraca Holding. Meanwhile, utility is reflected in the acquisitions of Accuri and Claros. Although neither Accuri nor Claros offered fundamentally new technology platforms to their buyers BD and Opko Health, they made their respective technologies much more user friendly. For example, Accuri put flow cytometry on the benchtop, and Claros delivered immunoassays from fingerstick samples that can be performed anywhere without the need for venipuncture, centrifuges, and power-hogging lab systems.

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