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Our approach is based on key fundamentals of successful businesses – marketing, technology, finance and operations – no matter the size. It is only when all four fundamentals are well connected and implemented that a company can thrive. A company with only three of the four fundamentals in place, will likely struggle to achieve its full potential.

The team is comprised of individuals with experience and expertise in all four of the fundamentals, including:
• research and development of products and services
• clinical evaluation and validation
• marketing and sales
• business development
• financial planning and analysis
• quality management, and
• general business administration.

Ultimately, our goal is to dramatically increase your company’s value, keeping all stakeholders in mind. We set up an over-performing organization, structuring it so that it is an attractive target for investors (strategic or financial). By combining all necessary competencies and talents for a successful business, and ensuring regulatory conformity, we are preparing your company to reach its full market potential. This potential is typically realized through merger, acquisition, or public offering. During the process, we ensure the readiness for transfer of assets and knowledge, by identifying and contacting potential buyers, optimizing corporate communication, and supporting all matters of due diligence. That ensures a smooth, seamless integration.

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