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You excel in product development and solving technical challenges. And, dread handling the time-consuming, uncomfortable task of communicating to end users and customers. We have a proven track record in communication, market rollout, sales and distribution, and sustainable generation of revenue and growth.
We survey, evaluate and determine target markets, cost structures, needs, and demand. And translate product features into user benefits and competitive advantages. So that ultimately, revenue will validate market acceptance of your products and services.

This category is where you truly feel the most comfortable, as you bring the cutting-edge technology to the table. We evaluate companies like yours to determine if they have: high market potential; a strong intellectual property position and pipeline; well-developed products and services with prototypes; market acceptance; and, proven functionality and reliability.
If those conditions are met, and a company is ready for upscaling and market rollout, we begin to establish the foundation for your innovation to enter the market successfully

We tailor strategic financing to your needs in various phases of your emerging business. During financing, we make sure your business is an attractive target for strategic or financial investors. We write the business plans and prepare the pitches, ensuring that numbers support your story.
During operational business, we rapidly implement measures to make better use of financial resources, including: financial planning and analysis; profitability management; management reporting; technology and project valuation; and, working capital and cash management.

Our team has a proven track record of integrating its management skills into an existing scientific and technology-oriented organization. With experience conducting operation and administrative functions, we are accustomed to filling the gap between dynamic product development and a successful, profitable business.
As an integral part of your organization, we build effective teams combining scientific and commercial competencies. We optimize communication to the market, connecting your technology with potential investors, as well as the end users.

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